March 2021

Motherhood: Best Job in the World!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Claire and I would like to share this lovely poem with you.  With five children between us, we’ve had our fair share of sleepless nights!  Giving up our careers to be stay at home mums has been the best decision we have ever made and that is why we find ourselves here now – trying to work a new small business around family life. We know how lucky we are to have spent so much time with our kids – even though they do drive us crazy at times!


But what resonates with us from reading this poem is the overwhelming love we all have for our children – who we would do anything for . . . at any age . . . any time . . . night or day.  And how fast does time fly?  Blink and our own little ones will be enduring the sleepless nights and, of course, we will be on hand to help them – just like our own mother has always been.  We love you, Marion!  Claire and I aspire to be like our mum every day! 


So a big shout out to all mums doing their best every day and putting their children above anything else!  To all of us who are still lucky to have our mums, cherish the time you have together.  And to all those who have sadly lost their mums and now carry them in your hearts, we know the pain of losing a parent and send you a hundred heartfelt hugs.  


Hope you enjoy the poem!

Helen & Claire


Mothers Day poem.jpg